Acknowledging the crucial role of local and regional authorities achieving positive results on waste recycling, a participative approach is foreseen to validate the project’s activities, outcomes and tools, to ensure that its results reflect the complex societal and economic reality wherein waste collection systems operate.

To involve local and regional authorities in the project’s activities, the project is currently establishing a Regional Working Group (RWG). The regional working group will play a key role to ensure the consistency of the project’s activities and to disseminate its outcomes. The members of the RWG will be mobilised to collect feedback on the project’s activities, validate key steps of the technical work and test the proposed methods.

The RWG will meet four times over the course of the project. The meetings will be held in the context of the COLLECTORS conferences. During these conferences, the project will invite 10 members of the RWG, depending on their expertise and interest in the topic.

Meetings will especially target territories with significant room for improvement; to make sure the methods developed are suitable for these territories and to contribute to their local strategies.

RWG Meetings

March 2018 - Treviso

Key parameters to describe waste collection systems

September 2018 - Malta

Selection of the 12 case studies

June 2019 - Warsaw

Multi criteria decision-making

December 2019 - Thessaloniki

Final results and policy recommendations

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