With 2,100 specialists globally, Ramboll Environ works to solve the most challenging environmental, health and social issues, create value for clients and support a sustainable society.

Most of the consulting activities are performed for the European Commission, for authorities and industry at national and regional level and for the United Nations on the international scale. Priority areas of scientific and consulting policy expertise are waste and resource management, technology, economy, training, awareness raising and information exchange as well as socio-economic impact analysis. Ramboll has strong record of accomplishments related to waste management projects regarding the implementation and enforcement of waste management policy and waste management legislation at the European level including all 28 Member States and has profound knowledge and vast experience with administrative, legal, technical and economic issues of waste management. Ramboll has actively contributed to support the correct implementation of the EU waste legislation and developed individual methodologies to assess the feasibility of waste management plans and practices. The assessment of performance of municipal waste management systems in place, e.g. including management of packaging waste and end-of-life products comprise our proven expertise. We have long-term experience in development of waste management strategies and planning, along with vast expertise in development of practical, concise and holistic waste policy recommendations for policy makers at the EU, national, regional and local level.