Communication and dissemination material

Presentation material



Relevant publications

D5.1 – Communication, dissemination, and exploitation plan

This document details the target audiences, key messages, foreseen communication materials and activities, and provide guidance for COLLECTORS partner to disseminate COLLECTORS’ outputs.



D5.2 – Visual identity and communication materials

This document presents COLLECTORS’ visual identity: logo, fonts, colours, and templates, and provides guidelines on how to use it for communication activities. It also presents COLLECTORS communication materials (leaflets, roll-up)


D5.3 – First version of the COLLECTORS website

This report presents the general organisation of the COLLECTORS website and its first content.



D5.4 – Collection of the minutes and report with conclusions of the working group meeting

This report summarises the main findings and conclusions of the different regional working group meetings organised over the course of the project.



D5.5 РCollection of newsletters 

This report lists the different newsletters published by the project.



D5.6 – Webinar documents

This report includes the different presentations given during the three COLLECTORS webinar