Experts share views on local decision-making processes at fourth RWG workshop

The fourth Regional Working Group (RGW) meeting of the COLLECTORS project was held in Thessaloniki on 10 December. Nine experts representing eight European regions participated in the workshop.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss and to analyse the decision-making challenges related to improving waste collection systems at the local level. The findings of the mapping exercise indicated that decision-making related to waste collection is a social process, in which many actors are involved. Consequently, engaging with stakeholders and finding common goals among the participants was identified as one of the shared challenges.

In addition, the regional experts provided their feedback to the preliminary findings from the multi-criteria decision-making exercises that have been conducted during the project. The focus of the discussion was on evaluating the importance and usefulness of criteria that could be used to support decision-making related to waste collection.

Finally, the members of the RWG provided their views regarding the planned content of the implementation guidelines. Directed at regional authorities, the guidelines will be published in 2020 and will summarise the main findings of the COLLECTORS project. Their aim of the guidelines is to provide practical information and support for implementing good practices at the regional level.