COLLECTORS has established an Advisory Board, in order to steer the project strategically. The Advisory Board will have a very active role in promotion of the project and fostering active engagement of participants and in its consolidation.

Due to its nature and composition, the Advisory Board will be fundamental to stimulating connection of the project with other initiatives across Europe. Another fundamental mission of the Advisory Board is the validation of the project deliverables on waste collection in the context of the broader value chain.

The Advisory Board consists of five persons with a vast experience in secondary raw materials and who represent different steps of the secondary raw materials value chain:

  • Emmanuel Katrakis (EURIC)

  • Ulrich Leberle (CEPI)

  • Christine Leveque (SUEZ)

  • Anna Miklosovicova (Lenovo)

  • Wietse Walinga (Duurzaam Gebouwd)