Web-based platform

The COLLECTORS web platform is an online database documenting the organisation and performances of 242 European waste collection systems.

Waste Library

The library lists many reports focusing on the different aspects of local municipal waste management (regulation, organisation, statistics, environmental and social aspects, and costs), and covers 24 countries.

Multi-criteria Decision Making

Methods of multicriteria decision-making (MCDM) can be used for breaking down complex problems into manageable components. Such approach allows the inclusion of various, sometimes conflicting parameters into decision-making, which is relevant considering the multi-dimensional nature of waste collection system, and the need to attain a balance between costs, environmental impacts, and societal acceptance.

MCDM will be applied over the course of the project for the identification of case studies, and the identification of relevant information to design and implement successful waste strategies.

COLLECTORS guidelines

The guidelines provide recommendations for local waste collection systems to better assess their situation and improve their performances. They include practical recommendations as well as more concrete illustrations on how local players succeeded in tackle local challenges and improve their performances.

COLLECTORS policy recommendations

The policy recommendations list propositions on how to improve national and regional framework conditions. They address six key topics and challenges highlighted by the project and provide different propositions to improve the EU, national, and regional frameworks so that local players can implement successful, economically-viable waste collection systems.