Three webinars were organised to summarise the main findings of the project. They gave the floor to local players that implemented good practices identified by COLLECTORS. Each webinar focused on one of the three waste fractions covered by the project. It addressed specific aspects that proved relevant for the implementation of good practices.

Circular approaches for the management of municipal construction and demolition waste

This webinar highlighted the relevancy of properly managing specific CDW fractions in a circular economy perspective at municipal level.

Presentations and recording available here.

Costs and benefits of improved paper and packaging waste collection

The webinar addressed the following question: can the selective collection be improved without increasing neither the general cost of the collection system, nor the waste fee for citizens?

Presentations and recording available here.

WEEE collection: good practices to allow quality recycling and re-use

Four experts discussed the importance of improving the quantity and quality of collected WEEE to ensure its proper recycling from different perspectives, with an emphasis on the potential for reuse, and how to include the re-use organisation in the design of WEEE.

Presentations and recording available here.