Webinar | Circular approaches for the management of municipal construction and demolition waste

After having discovered more on Paper and Packaging Waste (PPW) collection and sorting and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), this webinar moved to Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW).

CDW is a large source of secondary raw materials, consisting roughly out of wood, masonry, drywall, roofing, plastics, and metals. It has a strong potential for recycling and re-use because of the high value of some of the materials (e.g. metals), and the large market for re-use and recycled materials.

The webinar highlighted the relevancy of properly managing specific CDW fractions in a circular economy perspective at municipal level.

  • Construction and demolition waste: guidelines for local authorities | Paolo Marengo, ACR+

Involved in two H2020 projects concerning industrial symbiosis and circular solutions in the construction value chain, Paolo Marengo is the author of “Sustainable construction guidelines for public authorities” published by ACR+ in December 2019. He talked about the crucial role played by local and regional authorities in the whole construction life cycle, with a focus on circularity and materials resource efficiency strategies. The guidelines are composed by different sustainable construction strategies and some basic points that local and regional authorities can develop and implement.

The presentation of the guidelines and the related case studies can be accessed here.

  • Circular approach for CDW: COLLECTORS findings | Ive Vanderreydt, VITO

Ive Vanderreydt is research team leader at VITO and focuses mainly on the coordination and implementation of policy support studies that help to unlock the potential of the circular economy.

He presented the work of COLLECTORS on circular approaches for CDW that can be viewed here.

  • The experience of Odense and Gamle Mursten for the local recovery of municipal CDW | Michael Dino Hansen, Odense & Claus Juul Nielsen, Gamle Mursten

Michael Dino Hansen & Claus Juul Nielsen told us a story of cooperation between the Municipality of Odense (Denmark) and the Danish company Gamle Mursten for the local recovery of municipal CDW.

The first presentation is about the system to manage C&D waste, types of C&D recovered, and future challenges; it can be downloaded here.

In the second presentation (available here), the CEO of Gamle Mursten talks about the value system of demolition waste, and how to ensure the collection, recycling and reuse of CDW material – mainly bricks – saving tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Watch the full recording of the webinar here.