Policy recommendations

The COLLECTORS policy recommendations target EU institutions and national authorities, and aim to promote the shift of municipal waste management systems toward a circular economy approach.  In particular, it wishes to underline the challenges faced by local players of municipal waste management to move toward the new targets set by the new European Waste Framework Directive and close the implementation gap. These local players are responsible of the practical implementation of measures to increase collection for recycling, so their perspective is relevant when it comes to the implementation of the European regulation.

The COLLECTORS policy recommendations were organised around six topics for which barriers or opportunities were identified over the course of the project. These recommendations reflect the findings of the researches done by the consortium, but also the exchanges done with the different external stakeholders involved during the different working groups.

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Topic 1: Clarify and harmonise separation guidelines for paper and packaging waste for a better communication and a more consistent mining of secondary raw materials

  • Recommendation 1.1: Harmonisation of sorting guidelines

Topic 2: Improve local collection of WEEE to improve source separation and quality, and allow high quality recycling and re-use

  • Recommendation 2.1: Increase source separation of WEEE
  • Recommendation 2.2: Tackle illegal practices for WEEE management at collection level

Topic 3: EPR fee modulation for packaging waste and WEEE

  • Recommendation 3.1: EPR fee modulation for packaging waste
  • Recommendation 3.2: EPR modulation for WEEE

Topic 4: Improve knowledge and data availability for more alignment along the value chain, better informed local experts, and more consistent comparisons

  • Recommendation 4.1: More consistent monitoring for local waste data, including costs, composition analysis, and end-application
  • Recommendation 4.2: More transparency and traceability over the value chain
  • Recommendation 4.3: Distinguish closed-loop from open-loop recycling for PPW monitoring
  • Recommendation 4.4: Involve all players that can influence collection rates

Topic 5: Improve the recycling of construction and demolition waste

  • Recommendation 5.1: Landfill bans or taxes for recyclable construction and demolition waste

Topic 6: Ensure the economic relevance of higher recycling performances

  • Recommendation 6.1: EPR financing for local authorities aimed at improving performance
  • Recommendation 6.2: Adjust landfill and incineration taxes
  • Recommendation 6.3: Promote “Pay As You Throw” obligations or subsidies

Topic 7 (COVID): help local authorities to deal with the impact of the current and potential new pandemic

  • Recommendation 7.1: measures to help local waste collection systems cope with the pandemic

More information:

COLLECTORS policy recommendations

The guidelines provide recommendations for local waste collection systems to better assess their situation and improve their performances. They include practical recommendations  as well as more concrete illustrations on how local players succeeded in tackle local challenges and improve their performances. The new version published in December 2020 includes a section on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on waste collection.

Executive summary available here