Guidelines for implementation

The last step of the project is to make the results and outcomes available for decision-makers from local and regional authorities, producer responsibility organisations, and national and EU institutions. This takes the form of practical guidelines highlighting effective practices and instruments leading to high quality recycling, how to overcome local specific challenges, and what environmental and economic benefits can be obtained by improving the waste collection systems. It also presents guidance on how to assess its initial situation, to benchmark with other territories, and to set priorities. An update was proposed in December 2020, including a new part on the impact and measures taken to face the COVID 19 pandemic.

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COLLECTORS guidelines

The guidelines provide recommendations for local waste collection systems to better assess their situation and improve their performances. They include practical recommendations  as well as more concrete illustrations on how local players succeeded in tackle local challenges and improve their performances. The new version published in December 2020 includes a section on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on waste collection.

Executive summary available here