Webinar recording “WEEE collection: good practices to allow quality recycling and re-use” now available

The COLLECTORS project consortium is happy to announce that the recording of the webinar we organized on 3 June is now available for download online at this link.

The session was an interactive discussion about good practices to allow quality recycling and re-use of the above-mentioned waste fractions. During it, four speakers presented different aspects of the topic:

  • Bernhard Steubing, tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Leiden, a COLLECTORS project partner, opened the webinar with a presentation on the environmental impact of WEEE and benefits of recycling. He shared insights from his environmental analysis for small WEEE collection in Pembrokeshire (UK), Helsinki (FI), Genoa (IT), Cyclad (FR), and Vienna (AT), evaluating both their environmental assessment throughout Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and the quantification of their environmental impacts using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). His presentation can be viewed here.
  • Lucía Herreras Martínez, Deputy Director General of the organisation “WEEE Forum”, another COLLECTOR’s partner, addressed the substantial “knowledge-GAP” that is still calling for actions along the monitoring and enforcement chain of the WEEE flows in EU. She showed us a presentation about best practices to improve the quantity and quality of collected WEEE, which can be viewed here.
  • Sébastien Partida, deputy director for waste collection at ecosystem, one of the French extended producers responsibility organisations in charge of the management of WEEE, told us the experience of CYCLAD: a story of cooperation between a municipality and PRO for reaching higher performances in WEEE collection. His presentation is available for download here.
  • Mathieu Rama, Senior Policy Officer representing RREUSE, the network of European social enterprises active in re-use repair and recycling, spoke about the potential for re-use, sharing with us how to improve the involvement of the re-use sector within municipal WCS. He discussed how the importance of making repair & re-use easier and cheaper and introduced us the WEEELove campaign and the LIFE RE-WEEE Project. His presentation can be accessed here.