The COLLECTORS web platform and waste library are now online

Consult data on 242 municipal waste collection systems!

The interface of the COLLECTORS web platform.


For the past few months, the COLLECTORS consortium has collected datasets on 242 municipal waste collection systems, focusing on three waste streams: paper and packaging waste (PPW), waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and construction and demolition waste (CDW). Data collection was achieved by identifying publicly available data and through direct contact with competent authorities.


The platform includes both quantitative and qualitative data about the waste collection systems it featuers.


We are happy to let you know that the collected data are now available on an online web platform that enables users to identify relevant territories and to consult their performance for the three above-mentioned fractions and along specific criteria. On it, users will also be able to find information on the organisation of selective collection, sorting performance and associated costs. 


The platform is complete with information about the cities and regions where the systems are implemented. The premise behind its development is that places that have good waste collection systems can serve as examples for their counterparts that have similar local contexts (for example, are of a similar size, have similar population density or level of economic development). Covering 24 countries, the platform is the key deliverable of the first stage of the COLLECTORS project, a phase that focuses specifically on inventorying data about waste collection systems. The factsheets it comprises contain information related to topics like the organisation of selective collection, sorting performance and associated costs.


The web platform will be further developed and completed with more detailed information on specific case studies. You can also help us consolidate it by providing some feedback on the data. You can do so by using the links at the bottom of each factsheet.


But the good news does not end here. The COLLECTORS Consortium used over 250 sources during the course of the research conducted for the web platform. In order to facilitate other stakeholders’ access to the data sources, they have all been uploaded or hyperlinked in a new online waste library. This includes waste statistics, regulations, good practices and social and economic aspects of waste collection. At a time when waste data remains scarce, it is hoped that the two tools will contribute to a better understanding of waste collection across different countries, regions and cities.


If you are interested in sharing your own data on the web platform, please get in touch with us!