Repic (UK): Closing the gap between WEEE projections and actual collections

Repic, the UK’s largest WEEE producer compliance scheme and a member of COLLECTORS project partner WEEE Forum, has published a report titled Understanding WEEE and EEE flows to support implementation of policy objectives. Exploring the scale of potential WEEE available for reuse and recycling, the report can be accessed online.

In the journey from EEE to WEEE, products can pass through many different use, reuse, storage, recycling and discard routes. These flows influence the amount of WEEE that is reported as collected on behalf of producers. How and why EEE and WEEE ends up in unreported flows needs to be taken into account when setting ambitious yet achievable producer targets.

The first in a three-part series, this report explores possible causes for and solutions to this problem by:

  • Highlighting limitations in estimating WEEE availability
  • Illustrating how the industry can help to fill the data gap
  • Demonstrating how this information supports industry aspirations for a circular economy

Source: WEEE Forum