EUROCities and Oslo launch Plastics Declaration

EUROCITIES and the city of Oslo have launched a Plastics Declaration committing cities to curbing plastic use and developing a strategy to significantly reduce plastic waste by 2021. The declaration has 23 signatory cities to date, including Bergen, Braga, Bristol, Copenhagen, DĂĽsseldorf, Florence, Ghent, Guimaraes, Hamburg, Helsinki, Leeds, Malaga, Mannheim, Mezitli, Milan, Munster, Oslo, Porto, Reims, Strasbourg, Turin, Varna, and Zaragoza.

Signatory cities will produce an action plan within two years that will see them move towards eliminating or significantly reducing the use of unnecessary plastic products and the consumption of single-use plastics; work with business and industry to incentivise a rapid transformation from consumption of single-use plastics to sustainable products; and establish systems for the separate collection of all plastic waste.

By signing, cities commit to a cleaner, healthier city with improved waterways, green areas and healthier ecosystems. In addition, cities reduce the need to incinerate plastic waste, a chief source of CO2-emissions in cities. EUROCities will showcase these signatories’ ambitions at the EUROCities Environment Forum in Porto/Guimaraes between 18 and 20 March. Get in contact with Heather Brooks in order to register for the event (

Source: EUROCities