Share information on your waste collection system!

Local waste practices have the potential to serve as good examples for other regions. So far, however, information has been very scattered and not widely available. The COLLECTORS project aims to overcome this situation and to support decision makers in the implementation of better-performing systems.

The COLLECTORS consortium is currently focusing its efforts on the collection of information and data in order to document as many collection systems as possible, with the following objectives:

  • Set up an online information database of existing collections systems for three key waste streams: packaging and paper waste, WEEE, and construction and demolition waste
  • Increase understanding of the factors determining performance and how to get those right: quality of collected waste; economics; environment; social acceptance
  • Provide tools to facilitate implementation and improve performance of existing systems on your territory.

In order for the project to build a comprehensive database representing the diversity of situation and organisations, and be of true benefit to regional actors of relevance, we are counting on your expertise! Therefore, please get in touch with us and share your information and data on different collection systems for the three waste streams: how waste collection is organised, how much is sorted and finally recycled… You are invited to contact us via this form or by email.

To find out more about the further aims of the project, as well as the detailed description and partnership, please visit the various pages on our website.